ALH Style Virtual Styling

ALH Style: Virtual Styling Package Breakdown

Online shopping is very convenient, but did you know 30% of online products are returned (

It makes sense. Have you ever discovered a new brand, ordered an item, and the sizing was off? Or perhaps the color wasn't as flattering as it was on the model? The fit was all wrong? 

What if you could confidently online shop because you understood the fits, colors, and brands that work best for you? 

What is Virtual Styling?


Imagine "meeting" a Stylist face-to-face without leaving the comforts of your home or office. What if she took the time to understand your lifestyle, budget, body type, and wardrobe needs? Finally, picture her online shopping for you. 

How's that for convenience? 

ALH Style's Virtual Styling helps women:

  1. Understand their body type and coloring

  2. Pinpoint the best brands based on budget and lifestyle

  3. Take inventory of their wardrobe and identify what's missing

  4. Put over 40 seasonal outfits together based on their wardrobe 

  5. Shop for 10-20 looks at a given time

Is Virtual Styling for you?

If you're in need of some style guidance, but your hundreds of miles away, or if you're around the corner, but you aren't ready to fully commit to having a Personal Stylist, Virtual Styling is for you. 

Book your complimentary style consultation today to meet with Lead Stylist, Ali. Virtual Styling Services start at $99! We hope to hear from you.