Nursing Hair from Summer to Fall!

That's right, it's officially fall! Everyone under the sun is thrilled about this! Your hair...not so much.  

This is a great time to give your hair a break from the damage it has likely endured throughout the summer months! Here are a few tips that I live by to keep my hair looking healthy all year long. 

Hair Rehydration.JPG

1. Invest in quality products. You get what you pay for, ladies. I love Oribe hair products. Oribe combines skin care technology and natural actives to deliver the very best-in-class products (that happen smell INCREDIBLE)! I'm addicted to the Bright Blonde Conditioner and the Run-Through Detangling Primer. 

2. Brush your hair!!! Buy a brush with natural bristles and brush your hair daily. Not only will this promote scalp stimulation and blood flow, it will release the natural oils in your hair. My favorite is the Mason Pearson Hair Brush.

3. Cool it with the heat. Styling your hair is so much fun, but it starts to take it's toll on your hair. Try to limit the use of flat and curling irons. If you're addicted then take baby steps!!

4. Using a thermal protectant is a great way to create a barrier between your hair and hot tools. Oribe has a great option: Balm d'Or!

5. Slow down on color. If you're highlight obsessed (like me) then I have some great news: the effortless extended root look is in! Instead of bleaching your hair every 6 weeks, break it up with a root bump. This will add some dimension without sacrificing the integrity of your hair. Also, you may save a few bucks!

6.. Washing your hair daily feels great in the summer, especially after sweating all day! This season, try washing your hair every other day or once every three days. This will give your hair a break! Thank goodness for dry shampoo, right? I love Dry Bar's Triple Sec dry shampoo! 

Scroll through and find a few of my favorite things. Click on the images and you'll get access to the item!