7 Fall Trends I'm Loving: 1 Turtlenecks

Over the next 7 days I’ll be diving into the 7 #fall2017 fashion trends that I am loving!! First up: Turtlenecks! This trend is timeless and it is near and dear to my ❤️

Something I am loving about this fall is the concept "more is more". This is the way it should be. There's is no need to sacrifice any fabric to feel sleek, sophisticated, and sexy.

Wear a turtleneck solo with pleated trousers or a patterned pencil skirt. Pair with a blazer for work, or a bomber for date night! 

The rule book says if your chest is small then turtlenecks will help give you a fuller appearance. This is true, but if you have a larger chest do not be afraid to wear a turtleneck! Just stick to a more fitted garment that will accentuate your waistline, below your chest. 

All looks found on Net-a-Porter (from left to right: Joseph, Veronica Beard, Chloe, Victoria Beckham, Mansur Gavriel)